toyscapades-by-zero-deanToyscapades are “toy stories” or “toy tales” told via a combination of text and photography. Toyscapades are created for fun & entertainment purposes only and not for profit.

Photos are Copyright © Zero Dean, but all toys & brands featured in Toyscapades are trademarked and © copyright their respective owners.

Toyscapades is an independent effort and is not affiliated with or connected to any toy companies, including, but not limited to the LEGO Group.


Q: Who is the intended audience for Toyscapades?
A: Toyscapades is geared towards audiences of all ages, but to keep things interesting for adults, Toyscapades may occasionally contain themes or concepts beyond the understanding of young children (in the same way that many animated films do). With regard to content rating, Toy Story 3, for example, got a “G” rating despite some pretty intense scenes. Toyscapades should easily fall within the same rating level.

Q: The name?
A: “Toy” + “Escapades” = Toyscapades (Escapade: An act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure.)

Q: Who is Bill Dollar?
A: Bill Dollar is Bill Dollar. It has been noted, however, that Bill Dollar strikes an uncanny resemblance to a Lego minifigure in the upcoming Lego Movie. But that’s not Bill Dollar. That’s some other dude who looks like Bill Dollar.

Q: What do you take the photos with?
A: A Samsung Galaxy S3. I think my real camera would be overkill for now.

Q: Are we going to see the T-Rex again?
A: Yup. Stay tuned.

Q: How do you develop the stories?
A: I usually have a general idea of a single photo I want to take and then I build up to it by creating an adventure around it stream-of-consciousness style.

Q: Do you have any affiliation with [toy company]?
A: None.

Q: How can we contact you?
A: Through facebook messaging or email at Toyscapades @ G M A I L

Q: Are you on [social network]?
A: Probably… although we’re just getting everything setup for an ongoing stream of content.

* = most up to date (Jan 14)

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