Bill Dollar heads south


Bill Dollar is excited. He says he’s always been fascinated by the mobility of sand.


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Bill Dollar says that even though we didn’t see any walking sands, this rest area more than fulfilled his needs.

Me, on the other hand, I think shady looking rest area survey buttons are a conspiracy to kill unicorns. And every time you push one a unicorn dies.

I hope you’re happy, Bill Dollar, because that’s one less unicorn in the world.


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Call it a hunch, but something tells me that Bill Dollar is afraid of snakes.


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Bill Dollar says that he doesn’t know what cuidado are, but they don’t look half as as scary as rattlesnakes.

To emphasize how serious he is, he put on his serious face.


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I told Bill Dollar that I thought he was reading it wrong, but he still couldn’t stop laughing.


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Bill Dollar says he wasn’t going to *throw* anything.

I asked Bill Dollar if he doing one of those weird “word-loophole games” he plays to bypass the rules.

He told me to drop it.


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